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Black woman standing in a classroom with a picture of George Floyd in the background.

This workshop seeks to bring awareness to the unique challenges faced by African American clients. Taking a look at the overarching impact of historical trauma and ongoing challenges with racial injustice, poverty, and internalized racism.  The goal of the workshop is to increase cultural competency in working with African American clients by taking a look at The Bigger Picture.

Black woman standing in classroom with teenage girls

This workshop focuses on self-love and self-esteem development in teenage girls. It also explores topics such as setting boundaries, developing healthy friendships, and bullying. Self care, positive affirmations, and gratitude are also key components of the workshop

Ocean/beach background in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This workshop explores the impact of burnout amongst teachers and educators. It discusses recognizing the signs, short and long term consequences of unresolved burn out, and the importance of setting boundaries around work life balance and engaging in self-care. 

Black and yellow flyer with owern and margaritas and mental health QR code

Margaritas and Mental Health is an online wellness support group for BIPOC women that focuses on self-care, financial literacy, and women's empowerment. 

Blue Powerpoint screenshot of workshop

The workshop brings awareness to the impact of Complex- PTSD on children, adolescents, and adults who experienced intergenerational trauma. It explores the difference between traditional PTSD and C-PTSD and focuses on recognizing signs and exploring health coping skills.

Screen capture of How to be honest with yourself workbook cover

The workshop explores being honest and transparent with yourself and utilizes the How to Be Honest with Yourself Workbook as a tool to deepen your relationship with yourself and others. Sometimes being true with yourself can be scary, but is definitely a journey worth taking. 


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