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I believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to succeed in life. 

About Me

I've been in the helping profession since 2004. I've been working in my respective field for over 18 years. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. Then I graduated with my Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health from Troy State University. I am a National Board Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia .I've helped individuals from all ages and walks of life! I've helped people learn how to manage their anxiety and depression, taught people financial literacy and life skills, and provided relationship guidance and communication skills to improve the impact people have in their lives!

My Approach

As a therapist, I partner with individuals and couples to help them identify and solve their own problems. I empower each client to take control over their lives and their emotions in order to make decisions that give them the best possible outcomes. I help to unlock the answers that are already inside of them and ask hard questions that allow them to think of things in ways that they haven't thought of before. 


My style of counseling is based deeply in Reality Therapy. Reality therapy is all about the choices that we make as human beings. I ask 3 simple questions at the onset of the therapeutic process:

1) What are you currently doing?

2) Is it working?

3) What are you willing to change in order to get the outcome that you desire? 

Individuals who are ready to make strategic changes to their lives and improve their mental and emotional health are going to benefit the most from my help. Simply put, people who are ready to Live their Best Lives yet!


My clients would describe me as being very empathetic, genuine , and non-judgmental. I meet each client where they are. If I see 5 different clients, back to back each client's experience with me will be different because I'm very skilled at matching their energy. As a therapist I am very versatile and relatable. 

Black woman with a coral shirt on standing in front of a large green bush.
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My Process

I most enjoy working with individuals who need my help in many areas of mental health improvement! I excel at providing treatment for social anxiety, depression, and identity exploration. 
A counselor can be a great asset to your general well-being because they are a person who listens to and hears you in a way that is different than how friends or family may listen to or understand you. One reason is because counselors are not involved in your day-to-day lives and we're not emotionally tied to the issues you are facing. This allows us to be objective and non-judgmental. My goal is to challenge you in ways that open your eyes to new possibilities and give you sort of an, "Aha" experience.

I can also support you in ways that allow you to feel safe sharing things that may be difficult for you to talk to others about.  
A lot of people don't talk about their problems out loud. They run them through their minds until they feel mentally, and sometimes, physically exhausted. Once you begin saying things out loud and explaining it to someone else, it's amazing what can happen in that process!  Sometimes sharing the pain or discomfort that you've been carrying around for so long and just getting it out and letting yourself be free to someone who's not going to judge you for it is very, very freeing in itself. It's like a weight is being lifted.

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